Paul Krapf Studio
Paintings by Paul Krapf-----01=Wildlife, ---02 =Landscapes, Seascapes & Misc., ---03=Portraits, ---04=Figures, clothed & Nude
406-848-7750----Artist's books on prints, see ---by credit card or Check
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01 Electric Peak with Hawk
01 Electric Peak with Hawk.jpg
01 Yellowstone Coyotes
01 Yellowstone Coyotes.jpg
01-Alert Repose  (cheetah)
01-Alert Repose (cheetah).jpg
01-Amboseli Marsh  (stork)
01-Amboseli Marsh (stork).jpg
01-Amboseli Morning  (elephant)
01-Amboseli Morning (elephant).jpg
01-Bald Eagle
01-Bald Eagle.jpg
01-Black Jaguar
01-Black Jaguar.jpg
01-Blue Heron
01-Blue Heron.jpg
01-Breeding Season  (white pelicans)
01-Breeding Season (white pelicans).jpg
01-Buck Deer-Tom Miner Basin
01-Buck Deer-Tom Miner Basin.jpg
01-Cougar In Abstsract
01-Cougar In Abstsract.jpg